SoundCloud Promotion for Your Music

Are you having a hard time promoting your cover songs and original tracks to other SoundCloud users? Are you always excited to see how much plays, views, and buyers your tracks get but, once you check your account, you always seem to get fewer numbers of plays, views, and buyers? Are you getting confused and having second thoughts if you truly have a talent that is worth the time of people? If these are the repetitive questions, which bug your mind every single day, then here are some of the proven tips, techniques, and strategies on how you will be able to get people curious and patronize the high quality and incredibly great talent that you have. You’ll always have an option to buy Soundcloud followers or plays for your profile to enchance popularity of your music. Here is a short list of various SoundCloud Promotions you can try:

  • soundcloud_by_uxumbrella-d5ifqlmYou have to keep the world updated with the music that you want to offer by sharing it to them in the easiest and the fastest way possible. If ever you have a new track, do not forget to share it through Facebook posts, a quick tweet on Twitter, posting a

How to be a Successful Hunter with Crossbows

Hunting is huge sport all over America. States have allowed people to hunt during the hunting period. There are so many ways that people can hunt. One of them is by the use of crossbows and arrows. US has allowed the hunters to use crossbows as a form of hunting and has been gaining popularity over a couple of years. The law that permits hunting by use of crossbows has been more relaxed to encourage hunters to use crossbows other that rifles as it is considered a more humane way of killing.

The only problem while using crossbows is that not many people know how to use them. The ability of a hunter to use and kill an animal with just one shot takes a lot of practice. Crossbows are not like rifles that there is a chance the bullet will hit the animal and incapacitate it. With the best crossbows, the hunter has to be accurate to make a clean shot at the animal.

For any beginner to have a shot at killing the animal using the crossbow, there are certain things that they have to remember. One of them is to cock the crossbow correctly. In order …


2002 Wings Awards to honor community theater’s finest

Huntsville’s theatrical community will honor its own best participants and performances on Oct. 28 at the 2002 Wings Awards dinner and ceremony in the Von Braun Center North Hall.

This 10th edition of the annual awards program will cover productions presented between August 2001 and July 2002.

Sugar_Plum_FairyThe evening will begin at 5 p.m. with cocktails and a social hour (cash bar), followed by dinner at 6 p.m. and the awards presentation at 7 p.m.

Every year each participating theater group appoints two judges to attend and evaluate more than 20 theater, musical and dance productions and pick the most outstanding performers and technical personnel. Once the judges’ evaluation sheets are in and the results tallied, the top-scoring five in each category are named as the nominees. The names of the winners are kept secret until the awards dinner.

Anyone interested in attending the Wings Awards who has not yet received an invitation should call 883-4464 as soon as possible. Tickets are $25 for adults, $17 for children under age 16 and $10 to attend just the awards program without dinner (seated at 6:45 p.m.).

Participating theater groups and their abbreviations are: Huntsville Community Chorus Association (HCCA), Fantasy Playhouse (FP), …


New Birmingham magazine slates art show, wine tasting

There’s something new and interesting to do in Birmingham today, especially if you enjoy art and wine.

Art and Wine Birmingham, a new magazine, will host a wine tasting and art show from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at A Bit of the World, 3025 Sixth Ave. South.

TempranillowineJ. Simpkins, founder of the magazine, says this event will be the first of monthly gatherings that will spotlight local artists, shops, boutiques, restaurants and charities.

This week’s event will include work by artist C. Roy. Wines will be presented by Pinnacle Imports; and food will be provided by Metro Grill and Anthony’s.

While the evening is open to the public at no charge, patrons are encouraged to make a tax deductible donations at the registration desk. This month’s beneficiary is Birmingham Aids Outreach. Benefiting from an upcoming event will be Cahaba River Society and other local groups.

Simpkins says he is targeting three groups: art enthusiasts who enjoy seeing works of local and Southeastern artists; wine enthusiasts who enjoy sampling various wines and tasting foods from restaurants in the area; and art and wine enthusiasts who want to learn about new artists and wines that are in the state.

For more information, …


Concert to feature local rappers

Tydrick Pore used to do secular rap.

“That was before I got saved,” he said. “It wasn’t me.”

Now Pore is one of the founding members of the gospel rap group Heaven Bound Soldiers, a local ensemble that will perform at 1 p.m. today at the Taylor Community Center, 1050 Baltimore St.

Brainpower“As much violence as is going on in the world, you need to hear some good music,” Pore said.

Pore’s group and RAH Messengers will be two of the featured performers in the concert organized by Faith Builder’s Ministries, an outreach ministry of Word Alive Church At Mobile.

“I don’t know the first thing about rap,” said Celeste Patrick, a minister at Word Alive.

But she said she was sure of one thing: It reaches kids.

For Patrick, that was enough.

“We’ve got to get out there and reach the children,” she said.

“These guys are so on fire for God,” she said. “They tapped into something that can reach the youth.”

For the past year, Patrick said, she has been organizing family fun days at the Taylor Community Center. Every few months, she said, families come together for “old-fashioned fun,” like coloring or playing with hula hoops.…


Corps of Engineers means business in Mobile

Apresence in downtown Mobile since the 1960s, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is a enterprise most Mobilians don’t think about — unless the agency does something to upset someone’s way of life or the environment.

But awareness should increase now that the Bush administration has ordered the corps to open its entire civil works program to competition from private businesses. It is not known what effect that would have on the nearly 1,300 people involved with Mobile District operations.

USACE_Fulton_Lock_and_Dam“I’m sure it would have a big impact. That’s a big employer. If it (privatization) happens … we’ll see if they move permanent jobs out of here. We’ll have a lot more to work with then,” said Ralph Sandler, associate professor of economics at Spring Hill College and director of the school’s MBA program.

Col. Robert B. Keyser, head of the Mobile District, said his agency is well-equipped to compete with private businesses for civil works contracts if it is required.

“If you want me to compete short-term, I’m sure I can do it. If you want me to compete long-term, I know I can,” he said, adding, “As an organization, we do an awful lot and we do it …


Candidates focus on economy in final stretch

Call it Gov. Don Siegelman’s jobs tour a last-minute push to win votes through a rapid-fire series of economic-development announcements.

Last week, Siegelman traveled to Decatur, Huntsville, Calera, Birmingham, Eutaw and Barton to announce or in some cases, re-announce new jobs or programs.

Governor_Bob_RileySiegelman’s jobs tour might not have had much drama, but it did manage to put him in the spotlight nearly every day in the closing week of a campaign that has focused a good deal of attention on Alabama’s economy.

His challenger, Republican Bob Riley, responded by telling voters the economy, income levels and employment in the state are not where they should be.

Every time Siegelman recounted a “thank you” note from a single mom who found work in an auto plant, Riley countered with a distraught father of three struggling to find a decent-paying job.

Siegelman kicked off his tour in Decatur, where he walked through the old Trico steel mill that has been revived by Nucor Corp. Siegelman touted the 350 jobs being created there even though the plant has been up and running since July.

On the same day, Siegelman stopped in Huntsville to announce plans by Williams International to build an aerospace …